InfoWorld’s 2023 Technology of the Year Award winners


The arrival of ChatGPT in late 2022 and the ensuing waterfall of big language models guaranteed that 2023 will permanently be referred to as the year of generative AI (GenAI). With fantastic speed, generative AI has rippled throughout the whole infotech landscape– from software application development and devops tools, to information management platforms and analytics tools, to cloud security, compliance, and governance solutions.We would anticipate our

leading technology suppliers to jump on developments like generative AI to make their products easier to use, more effective, and more automated. And this is certainly real of this year’s candidates for InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year Awards. Amongst the 52 finalists and 20 winners of our 2023 awards, numerous are harnessing artificial intelligence to redefine their item categories.The InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards recognize the best and most ingenious products in AI and machine learning, organization intelligence(BI )and analytics, cloud computing, containers, data management, devops, and software application advancement. Keep reading to fulfill our finalists and winners, or download the PDF edition below. download Read about the year’s best and most ingenious items in AI, analytics, cloud, containers, information management, databases, devops, and software application development. Download our unique awards problem PDF. InfoWorld AI and Machine Learning: Advancement Finalists Quantiphi baioniq SAS Viya Wallaroo.AI ML Workload Orchestration Winner SAS Viya

  • IDG From
  • the winner SAS Viya is a cloud-native analytics

    and AI platform that not just fulfills the pledge of AI, but likewise brings you speed and efficiency you never thought of possible. SAS Viya enables you to scale cost-effectively, boost performance, and innovate much faster, backed by trust and transparency. It makes it possible to incorporate teams and innovation, making it possible for all users to collaborate successfully.AI-based automation and embedded best practices line up to the needs and talents of your team, linking all aspects of the AI and analytics life process and helping turn crucial questions into relied on decisions. From the judges Based on the offered criteria information, SAS Viya used 87% less computing when running”like” designs against linear, logistic, random forest, and gradient increasing algorithms. When training designs, SAS Viya appears ahead of the competition in boosted efficiency, cost reduction

  • , scalability of models, and closing the time-to-insights space. AI and Artificial Intelligence: Applications Finalists Algolia NeuralSearch Glean UiPath Business Automation Platform Winner Glean IDG From the winner With work environment details fragmented across tools like chat, e-mail, document repositories, bug tracking tools, consumer support group, and internal wikis, it’s no surprise that finding the best details you need to achieve your

    objectives can be time-consuming and tough

    . Glean is an AI-powered enterprise search platform that

  • assists
  • you find and discover precisely the details you need

    right when you require it. Obtain searches all of your apps across your wholetoy23 glean company, comprehending context, language, behavior, and relationships with others to discover customized responses to your concerns. It surface areas understanding and makes connections with the people who can assist, so you and your team never ever miss out on a thing.From the judges The context for big language models here(enterprise search, understanding

    base production )is novel and useful. … It’s a really helpful application for LLMs, utilizing sources of information in business settings as contextual hints( e.g., GitHub vs. Slack ). BI and Analytics Finalists AnswerRocket Max Celonis Execution Management System Kyvos Insights Winner AnswerRocket Max< img alt =" toy23 answerrocket "width= "150"height="176"src= ",70"/ >

    IDG From the winner AnswerRocket is an

    augmented analytics platform developed on the concept that information and analytics ought to be available to all. By leveraging AI and ML innovation, AnswerRocket empowers customers worldwide to with confidence explore, evaluate, and create insights from their business information. AnswerRocket

    ‘s RocketSkills enables

    users to take advantage of purpose-built sophisticated analytics

  • modules that automate analysis for common use
  • cases such as consumer


    SKU rationalization, and brand performance in minutes. RocketSkills utilizes AI and ML to execute workflows, produce decks, and make up information stories. The platform removes info barriers and equalizes data analytics within organizations by supplying quickly easy to understand data analysis.From the judges An useful, extremely capable usage of GenAI that must deliver significant, concrete benefits by enabling service users to quickly and quickly get analytical insights. Cloud Compliance and Governance Finalists Clumio Protect LightBeam PrivacyOps Noname Posture Management Winner Clumio Protect IDG From the winner Every company on the planet has some information that they just can not pay for to lose. Clumio helps business make sure that this information is safe, compliant, and access-controlled. No matter the source– databases powering applications, information lakes powering AI, or blocks and files powering business systems– Clumio helps its resident information remain immutable and resistant against cyberthreats, operational interruptions, and outages.From the judges

  • Cloud-native backup with fast restore … extremely granular bring back operations for flexible company continuity. Cloud Cost Management Finalists Hyperglance Kubecost Unravel Platform

  • Winner Kubecost IDG From the winner Kubecost is a platform that supplies real-time cost presence and insights for designer and finops teams utilizing Kubernetes. With Kubecost’s Kubernetes-related cloud cost tracking, management, and optimization illuminating unneeded overspend, Kubecost’s service enables clients to minimize their cloud costs by as much as 70% in lots of cases– and keep those costs continually optimized. Notably, customers decrease Kubernetes investing without impacting application efficiency. Kubecost is designed from the ground up for Kubernetes and the cloud-native community. It is firmly integrated within other technologies that become part of that ecosystem, and partnered with Amazon Web Provider, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.From the judges Kubecost has securely developed itself as the de facto standard for determining the expense of Kubernetes facilities,

    from start-ups to large corporations. There isn’t a clear option.”Cloud Security Finalists CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security Palo

    Alto Networks Prisma Cloud Sysdig Secure Winner Sysdig Secure IDG From the winner The market has been overwhelmed with fragmented solutions and theories on how to approach cloud security– till Sysdig Secure. Sysdig is a game-changing cloud-native application security platform(CNAPP)option that is created to offer business with comprehensive security for cloud-native applications, containers, and orchestration platforms. Sysdig is the first CNAPP solution toutilize insight from run time to make better-informed choices throughout the build/prevention stage through production. Sysdig uses a unified platform that combines multiple security functionalities, making it possible for improved security postures and unrivaled vulnerability prioritization, as well as real-time exposure into environments to proactively identify and react to security risks, abnormalities, and prospective breaches.From the judges Interesting innovation offering security at run time and using that to inform security previously in the advancement life cycle. Containers Finalists D2iQ DKP io Gloo Platform Spectro Cloud Palette Winner Gloo Platform IDG From the winner Gloo Platform is the market’s leading application networking platform, integrating service mesh, API entrance, and multicloud networking into an unified platform that can make it possible for microservice applications across any cloud. Devops and platform engineering groups strive to decrease complexity to allow greater

    efficiency. Gloo Platform addresses that intricacy decrease through the combination of leading open-source innovations into a single modular platform that deals with API management, zero-trust security, scaling microservices, multicloud networking, and market compliance. Gloo Platform provides a unified platform that perfectly integrates into existing devops and platform engineering environments through an unified control plane, merged API, and highly automated operations framework.From the judges Gloo provides an outstanding API and microservices management option that is a crucial part of any modern-day advancement company. The general functionality of the item is rather good and offers functions that fit nearly all consumers’requirements. Data Management: Governance Finalists Fivetran Metadata API Important Platform Teleskope Winner Teleskope IDG From the winner Teleskope is a contemporary information defense platform that automates information security, personal privacy, and compliance at scale to assist organizations comply with policies like GDPR and CCPA. The high-performance platform can, within minutes, perfectly monitor cloud and SaaS data stores to

    supply a comprehensive stock of assets– consisting of concealed ones– along with their security and compliance risks. Its advanced classification engine, powered by a big

    language model and

    Data Management: Pipelines Finalists

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