Intel divides GPU group into two separate systems


Intel revealed plans to split its AXG graphics group and move the resources into 2 existing business units to better serve their particular markets.The consumer/gaming end of the GPU company will relocate to Intel’s Customer Compute Group (CCG), which establishes customer computing platforms based upon the business’s CPU items. The teams responsible for data center and supercomputing items such as the Ponte Vecchio and Rialto Bridge will relocate to the Data Center and AI(DCAI )company unit.The GPU SoC and IP design groups will likewise fall under the DCAI umbrella, however they will continue to support the customer graphics team. Jeff McVeigh, currently the vice president and basic manager of the Super Compute Group, will function as the interim leader of this team until a permanent leader is found.Raja Koduri– currently the executive vice president of the AXG organization system who led Intel

‘s efforts to build a decent GPU after years of less-than-stellar efforts– will go back to his previous function as an Intel Chief Architect.That may sound like a demotion, but Koduri is an engineer and may be happy to return his focus to chip style, which he does well.

Koduri stated on Twitter he is currently in his native India where he had back surgery and will spend another month there recovering.All told, this is a smart move. Yes, the consumer and data center items are the very same Xe core, but they are developed, built, offered, and supported in a different way and need to remain in the groups targeted at those markets. AMD and Nvidia do the same thing.”It makes sense when you think about that the consumer side of the GPU organization is far more carefully aligned with the consumer processors, and the HPC side of the GPU business

is much more carefully lined up with the information center service,” Anshel Sag, primary expert with Moor Insights & Strategy, informed me via email.” If Intel wishes to succeed in these areas with its GPUs, it makes sense for the GPU departments to be integrated more firmly with the CPU service and aligned

on marketing and messaging. This feels like a natural organizational streamlining, but much better integrating these GPU products into the core customer and information center services,”he added. Copyright © 2022 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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