Intel Leverages SADA Collaboration to Help Customers Realize Best-In-Class Expense and Efficiency on Google Cloud


Welcome to among our favorite– and most popular– episodes of our video series, Cloud N Clear. In this episode, Intel CorpPrincipal Engineer Josh Hilliker is signed up with by SADA’s CTO, Miles Ward. The two took a seat to talk about all things public cloud, and how organizations can realize expense and efficiency improvements through Google Cloud. The duo discusses chances for companies to solve for inadequacies, efficiency, and enhancing client experiences, and more, all without the need for radical software application modifications or re-architecture of existing systems.Listen now:

Host: Miles Ward|CTO, SADA
Visitor: Josh Hilliker|Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation!.?.!Connect on Twitter: Connect on LinkedIn Copyright © 2022 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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