Java CDS enhancements would help improve startup times


Efforts to enhance Java program start-up times and efficiency are set to consist of enhancing assistance for archived Java heap objects in CDS (class information sharing).

The plan, made public by Ioi Lam of Oracle in an OpenJDK neighborhood RFC last month, lines up with Job Leyden, an effort to enhance start-up times for Java applications as well as times to peak efficiency and program footprints. Lam noted that Job Leyden is likely to make substantial usage of archived Java heap objects.Goals of the CDS

enhancement strategy include uniform assistance of CDS for all collectors and lessening the code needed for each collector to support CDS. CDS itself is meant to minimize application startup times, in specific for smaller sized applications. CDS is supported just with the Java HotSpot client VM and just with the serial garbage collector.The CDS enhancement plan requires: Eliminating the G1 garbage man reliance for writing the archive heap

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