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Many respondents to a recent survey on Java efficiency stated their business plan to add Java developers this year, while a bit less than half plan to increase their Java tool budget.These findings were consisted of the 2024 Java Efficiency Report from development tools provider Perforce Software application, launched March 5. Overall, the study found that financial investments in Java tools and skill were on the rise. Sixty percent of participants said their companies prepared to include Java designers this year and only 13 %said their companies did not(27% were unsure ). Designer tool budget plans seem holding stable, with 42 %planning to increase their Java tools budget.The report included reactions from 440 Java users worldwide, with a mix of Perforce consumers and non-customers. Participants were spread out across 72 countries, with 27%from the United States.

Polling was conducted from November 2023 to January 2024. The majority of participants were either Java developers or Java architects.Regarding Java usage patterns, 11 %stated they had currently upgraded to the most recent version of basic Java, Java 21, while 24%said they were using Java 8 and 18%stated they were using Java 11. Considered that Oracle ceased Premier-level assistance for

Java 8 in March 2022, the Java 8 figure suggests that companies are getting support from third-party suppliers such as Amazon, Azul, and OpenLogic, Perforce said.Perforce expects adoption of Java 21 to increase as Oracle speeds up the frequency of long-term assistance JDK releases from every three years to every 2 years.Other findings in the 2024 Java Developer Efficiency Report: Amazon Web Provider was the most popular cloud service provider at 31 %, followed by Microsoft Azure at 18%. The share of respondents who stated they do not utilize any cloud suppliers was up to 13%from 21% last year.

JetBrains IntelliJ CONCEPT topped the list of favored IDEs, with 41%of participants using it. Eclipse took 2nd location with 23%. Microsoft Visual Studio Code took third with 19%. 36%said they utilize Apache Tomcat as their main application server, while 15%stated they utilize JBoss/Wildfly.

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