Java, Python leading most wanted list for employers


When it pertains to the programming language skills companies desire most, HackerRank has discovered a handful of languages bunched at the top of the list, including Java, Python, and SQL. Need for others, such as Go and TypeScript, is growing but routes far behind need for the leaders.These findings

and others are included in the 2023 HackerRank Designer Skills Report, which was released November 10. The report is based upon data chosen from HackerRank’s own platform, rather than depending on study actions, just like previous HackerRank reports. The report ranks the most in-demand software engineering abilities and programming languages amongst companies and developers, based upon the number of language-specific abilities assessments the business conducted in the previous year.The top five languages by volume were Java, Python, SQL, C++, and JavaScript. Routing far behind these languages, however ranked 6th to 10th respectively, were Bash, C#, Go, TypeScript, and R. Among the leaders, need for TypeScript and Go grew fastest in 2022, as did the demand for PHP. Go evaluations increased 301% in 2022 while TypeScript assessments increased 392%. Demand for Swift and Ruby slipped, the business reported. The volume of Swift evaluations was simply 80% of the volume in 2021, while the volume of Ruby assessments was 66% of what it was in 2021.

To estimate company need for particular languages, HackerRank Work tests were evaluated. Skill demand was assessed based on the number of HackerRank Work tests using particular library questions. To evaluate developer preferences, HackerRank tracked submitted languages by candidates when they have several choices readily available, in addition to efficiency in those languages. HackerRank Neighborhood practice data likewise was assessed.In other findings

in HackerRank’s report:

  • R and Scala experienced a loss of designers in 2022.
  • Languages that grew in 2021 and 2022 are expected to continue to grow in 2023, including Java, Python, and SQL.
  • The demand for REST API skills grew by 179%.
  • Need for Docker skills has been eclipsed by that for Kubernetes container orchestration abilities.
  • Company and developer need for data science and machine learning skills is growing.
  • In general, the tech industry continues to grow, although growth in 2022 slowed compared to 2021.

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