Java source code could change to UTF-8 encoding


Source code for the Java Advancement Set (JDK) would be redone in UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format) to help with better-defined encoding, under a plan afoot in the OpenJDK Java community.The proposal, produced in early January and updated on February 28, can be found at It describes the current state of source code in the JDK as an “ill-defined encoding,” with no main declaration of the encoding used, while adding it is mostly ASCII but with a couple of non-ASCII characters that are not distinct. The current scenario develops unnecessary problems when working with the JDK codebase, for no other reason than historic baggage, the proposition states.UTF-8, the byte-oriented encoding kind of Unicode that is considered the

web’sstandard for character encoding, was designated the default charset of standard Java APIs, with the release of JDK 18 in March 2022. The new proposition would transform the codebase in JDK to UTF-8 by taking the following actions: Inform Git that text files are encoded in UTF-8. Examine the codebase for text files consisting of non-ASCII characters and transform them to UTF-8 if they are not

  • currently UTF-8. Update the tools utilized in structure Java
  • to acknowledge that files now remain in UTF-8 and to treat them appropriately, by upgrading compiler flags. Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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