JDK 21: The brand-new features in Java 21


Java Advancement Set (JDK) 21, due in September as the next long-term support release of Oracle’s basic Java application, is beginning to take kind, with sequenced collections, string templates, and virtual threads slated for the release so far.Virtual threads is a considerable enhancement to Java concurrency that was contributed to the JDK 21 page in openjdk.org late last week. Although the JDK 21 release page still notes only two official features, sequenced collections and virtual threads, string design templates also is slotted for JDK 21, according to its Java Enhancement Proposal at openjdk.org.The specific proposals include: Virtual threads are lightweight threads that promise to”considerably”reduce the effort of composing, maintaining, and observing high-throughput concurrent applications. Objectives of the plan consist of allowing server applications composed in the easy thread-per-request design to scale with near-optimal hardware usage, allowing existing

include all the nurturing and preview functions in JDK 20, such as scoped worths, record patterns, and pattern matching for switch declarations. Universal generics, the generational Z garbage man, and the asynchronous stack trace VM API could likewise be consisted of. Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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