Juniper Purchase by HPE – What Might it Mean for Venture Customers?


HPE recently made enormous waves in the IT networking area by announcing the acquisition of Juniper Networks in an offer worth $14 billion. While a lot of have declared this as an excellent long-term strategic action by HPE to much better compete versus Cisco, which provides a wide range of calculate, network, and protection options, just time will certainly inform where Juniper innovations and properties will be placed in the market. It also might give time out to existing Juniper and HPE Aruba clients or to those seeking to buy Juniper/Aruba enterprise options in the brand-new year. Right here’s my tackle the acquisition as it stands currently.

Markets that HPE will likely target with Aruba and Juniper Tech

From a network safety and security point ofview, HPE is poised to obtain a host of much-needed firewall, SASE, and danger prevention software application and solutions that will likely be targeted at both company and conventional enterprises. However, when it pertains to switching over hardware/software, Wi-Fi hardware/software, and software-defined network (SDN) orchestration, these areas where significant overlap exists will certainly need to be attended to by HPE.

From a switching point ofview, HPE may decide to assign Juniper changing hardware and software for the cloud service provider (CSP) segment. Juniper has a garrison in this area and is a leader in creating and making custom-made ASICs. When it comes to the business, however, choices will certainly need to be made as to whether Aruba will focus on university side and smaller sized information centers. This would include school changing, Wi-Fi, and SD-WAN modern technologies.

A number of AIOps and network administration services are currently under the HPE banner– all of which promote expert system abilities. HPE acquired Aruba Networks in 2015. Ever since, HPE Aruba has actually released its Aruba Networking Central AIOps platform. The Juniper procurement adds 2 additional network orchestration and automation solutions to the portfolio with Mist and Apstra. Mist and Aruba Networking Central use the capability to take care of school side and branch workplace networks wisely. Aruba Networking Central and Apstra are additionally popular alternatives for information center automation and structured procedures.

The possibility that HPE will certainly work to integrate the functions and performance of Haze right into Aruba Networking Central and focus this offering on the business school edge and single-vendor information facilities is high. Conversely, considering that the Apstra data facility orchestration system enables multi-vendor assistance, HPE may focus its advertising and marketing and sales efforts on the CSP section, which much more commonly runs in mixed-vendor network architectures.

Combining of Technical Support

While it will not take place overnight, anticipate HPE to merge particular technological assistance solutions with each other eventually. This is likely the biggest concern of Juniper customers as they’ve grown accustomed to how Juniper’s support model jobs and what to expect.

That claimed, HPE Aruba keeps different technical assistance from various other HPE support agreement services. It’s feasible that Juniper assistance will continue to be unchanged. Nevertheless, figuring out how to handle 3 different and essential technological support facilities to supply what enterprise and CSP consumers anticipate will likely obtain complicated.

Ultimately, an additional US-based Cisco rival

For almost twenty years, Cisco has been the only United States business to absolutely offer end-to-end solutions spanning the LAN, WAN, branch office and cloud for networking, information protection, and compute. The HPE purchase of Juniper finally changed this landscape. While this finally gives Cisco a real competitor in every sector, …


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