Linode dedicates to NVMe storage facilities upgrade across its global datacentre portfolio


Linode has actually dedicated to updating the storage facilities of its whole international datacentre estate over the coming quarter to reinforce the performance and resiliency of its cloud facilities services. The

US-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company positions itself as an alternative public cloud supplier by claiming to use consumers an affordable and easier to use set of services.

This is part of a wider push by the company to democratise access to off-premise services and make them accessible to a much larger series of business and users. The company operates 11 datacentres worldwide, including one in the UK and another in Germany, and has set out plans to update the block storage infrastructure within all these websites by updating to a non-volatile memory express storage (NVMe) setup.

The task will pave the way for Linode to deploy its very first erasure-coded block storage cluster, which will offer it with a means of storing information using the open source storage software application platform Ceph, This, in turn, will use an algorithm to splice the data into chunks for performance efficiency factors.

The upgrade process is already underway at the firm’s US-based datacentre in Atlanta, with the rest of its server farms set to be updated to NVMe during this quarter, with Linode declaring to be one of the first hyperscale providers to deploy the technology at scale.

“We put a lot of effort into making our block storage platform more performant and effective,” stated Linode founder and CEO Chris Aker.

“Making things much faster is great. Making them quicker, more resilient and more trustworthy is even better. And doing it in a manner that does not cost clients more is what designers have concerned get out of us” Chris Aker, Linode

“Using erasure-coded clusters, we’re able to draw out 160% more usable storage out of the exact same raw disk capability. It’s an unbelievable boost in storage performance performed in a manner in which permits us to deliver high performance without producing a premium tier like most other suppliers would.”

NVMe is essentially a hardware user interface for solid-state drive (SSD) storage, which are marketed as being a step up– in efficiency terms– from traditional spinning disk drive technology.

“Making things quicker is excellent. Making them faster, more resistant and more trusted is even better. And doing it in a way that does not cost consumers more is what designers have pertained to anticipate from us,” included Aker.

According to initial research study from IaaS service provider benchmarking firm, Cloud Viewer, Linode service strategies that are equipped with the NVMe block storage abilities outshine equivalent offerings from the likes of DigitalOcean and superior offerings from Amazon Web Provider (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

The upgraded storage services will be used totally free of charge to all Linode customers, the business verified.


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