Microsoft.NET 6 bundled with Ubuntu Linux


Microsoft’s flagship cross-platform development platform,  .NET 6, is now offered in Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux distribution. The goal is to streamline access to Microsoft’s development platform and improve Ubuntu as a platform for.NET application development, the business said.Specifically,.

WEB 6 is being bundled with Ubuntu 22.04 and Ubuntu Chiseled Containers, the latter being Linux container images that improve security by lessening services and leaving out a package manager and shell. Microsoft and Ubuntu said they will collaborate to make sure new.NET releases are available with new Ubuntu releases.

. NET 6 showed up last November. The platform can be installed with the apt install dotnet6 command on Ubuntu. The . INTERNET 6 SDK can be set up on Ubuntu 22.04 through the following commands, according to an August 16 publication:

sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install dotnet6

The Chiseled Ubuntu image is 100MB smaller than previous Ubuntu images, Canonical stated. The command to pull the ASP.NET Chiseled Image is as follows:

docker pull!.?.!Three layers of Chiseled Ubuntu images with.NET are being used for

Arm64 and x64: These images will be used in the nightly repos

  • while Chiseled Ubuntu is in a sneak peek phase. They will be supported in production later this year. Canonical is releasing Chiseled Ubuntu container images for.NET that include new APT plans, by means of Docker Center:
    • Microsoft prepares to launch. WEB 7 in November. It is
    • now a sneak peek stage. Copyright © 2022 IDG Communications
    • , Inc. Source
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