Microsoft.NET Community Toolkit 8.2 shines on MVVM


Microsoft has launched.NET Neighborhood Toolkit 8.2, again with improvements for MVVM (model-view-viewmodel) development. The preceding 8.1 release, published in January, likewise concentrated on MVVM capabilities.The.NET Neighborhood Toolkit includes a collection of APIs and assistants for.NET designers, agnostic of any UI platform. Source code for variation 8.2, announced April 27, can be accessed from GitHub. With the brand-new release of. NET Community Toolkit , the consisted of MVVM Toolkit now supports custom characteristics when utilizing [RelayCommand] Designers can utilize the native field: and home: C# syntax to suggest targets of custom qualities, giving them complete control over qualities for generated members when utilizing [RelayCommand] to create an MVVM command. Microsoft said support for custom qualities was particularly useful when utilizing a viewmodel that needs to support JSON serialization and must explicitly overlook the produced property.Also in the MVVM Toolkit in 8.2, two brand-new home change hooks now are produced for all [ObservableProperty] fields. This fixes a scenario in which using [ObservableProperty] lacked the infrastructure to quickly inject reasoning for state changes on old and new values being set. A common scenario in MVVM is to have a”selected item”observable residential or commercial property, representing, for example, the presently chosen user or nested viewmodel. In previous variations, when the worth of the residential or commercial property changed, it was not unusual to also have to make some changes to old and brand-new instances.The MVVM Toolkit in 8.2 likewise includes integrated code fixers for 2 formerly included diagnostic analyzers. These analyzers produce a caution when improperly accessing a field marked with [ObservableProperty] and when stating a type with [ObservableProperty] and comparable attributes when using inheritance.The update likewise brings efficiency improvements to MVVM source generators, concentrated on optimizing incremental pipelines to lessen memory use and ensure that no unneeded things will be kept alive across concurrent executions. In another improvement, all produced types and members now are embellished with full XML docs, making checked code produced by the source generators simpler to understand. With the.NET Community Toolkit 8.2 release, runtime performance has been enhanced as well. The.NET Community Toolkit consists of these libraries: CommunityToolkit.Common CommunityToolkit.Mvvm(aka “Microsoft MVVM Toolkit”)CommunityToolkit.Diagnostics CommunityToolkit.HighPerformance These parts are utilized in several inbox apps that deliver with Windows, such as the Microsoft Store and the Photos app. Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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