Microsoft PowerToys 0.68.0: A breakdown of two new applications


Developers are continually adding and improving tools in Microsoft PowerToys. Let’s take a look at the 2 most current apps with PowerToys 0.68.0.

A blue screen with a rainbow colored technology icon. Text reads Windows PowerToys Version 0.68.0. Image: Mark W. Kaelin, developed from public domain images For numerous years, designers from around the world– both inside and outside of Microsoft– have been developing apps, tools and utilities under the blanket umbrella of Microsoft PowerToys. The features found in these freeware system energies generally make Windows 11 better and more user-friendly. With the latest 0.68.0 release of Microsoft PowerToys, two brand-new applications have actually been added to enhance the PowerToys mix.

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Readily available totally free on GitHub, Microsoft PowerToys Version 0.68.0 adds 2 new tools to PowerToys: Mouse Dive and Paste as Plain Text. Mouse Dive allows you to quickly move your mouse guideline great distances on the exact same screen and even jump from one screen to another. Paste as Plain Text is a keyboard combination faster way that allows users to paste formatted clipboard contents as plain, unformatted text.

Listed below, we have actually broken down and highlighted more info about these 2 new PowerToys functions.

A breakdown of 2 new Microsoft PowerToys applications

Application # 1: Mouse Jump

The performance of Mouse Jump is as easy as its name suggests. The faster way keyboard mix, default Windows Secret + Shift + D, enables users to jump the mouse cursor to any place on their display or even a 2nd or 3rd screen. The default keyboard mix is adjustable (Figure A).

Figure A

This screenshot of the PowerToys Settings menu focuses on Mouse utilities, with a red box surrounding the Mouse Jump feature area. Settings for Microsoft PowerToys Mouse Jump. Image: Mark W. Kaelin This little app, when integrated with the other mouse energies found in Microsoft PowerToys, gives users finish control over their mouse performance in Windows 11 without needing to include third-party software. Mouse Jump is particularly helpful with presentations for larger audiences who are viewing material on predicted screens. Following long cursor movements throughout 20 feet of display will no longer be essential.

Application # 2: Paste as Plain Text

When allowed (Figure B), Paste as Plain Text pastes the current contents of the Windows 11 clipboard into your current document with all formatting removed. The formatted material that’s currently on your clipboard will likewise be replaced by the unformatted, plain text version. So, from that point forward, pasting with the typical command of Ctrl + V will paste plain text material.

Figure B

In this screenshot of the PowerToys Settings menu, users as looking at the Paste As Plain Text activation shortcut, with a red box surrounding instructions for how to enable the shortcut. Settings for Microsoft PowerToys Paste as Plain Text. Image: Mark W. Kaelin The default keyboard combination for Paste as Plain Text is Windows Secret + Ctrl + V, however it can be adjusted to match your needs. If you find yourself needing to paste formatted content as plain text typically, this basic energy can save you several of the actions you would typically take in the basic Windows 11 interface.

The advantages of Microsoft PowerToys

One of the very best features of Microsoft PowerToys programs, besides the truth they are complimentary, is features can be made it possible for or disabled at the impulse of the user. Not all the applications, tools and energies will be useful to all users or all the time, however when one of the PowerToys turns out to be valuable, it can quickly be incorporated into your workflow and become an important part of your daily activity.

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