Microsoft provides Windows 11 for HoloLens 2


The os upgrade for the mixed-reality headset includes improved 3D annotations in Characteristics 365 Guides.

Microsoft logo on the Munich Microsoft building.. Image: dvoevnore/Adobe Stock Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 will now support Windows 11, offering efficiency updates and more tools for app designers. Owners of the Microsoft mixed-reality headset can anticipate to see Windows 11 as a free update from their existing Windows 10 by the end of June; those who wish to remain on Windows 10 can do so.

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How to upgrade HoloLens 2 to Windows 11

To upgrade HoloLens 2 to Windows 11, browse to Settings, choose Update & Security and choose Look for Updates. This will instantly start the update.

What does Windows 11 give HoloLens?

HoloLens 2 users can expect Windows 11 to use mostly behind-the-scenes performance changes. Microsoft guarantees “improv [ed] app efficiency” and more control for designers.

More about Innovation

The latter comes from the Microsoft Edge WebView2 control. WebView2 allows developers to embed HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web innovations into their HoloLens 2 applications.

Microsoft Teams video calls got quality-of-life updates. Users will be able to switch video on or off throughout a call and ought to see more dependable and much better quality call streaming.

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What changes are pertaining to Characteristics 365 Guides for HoloLens 2?

At the same time as the upgrade to Windows 11, Microsoft is presenting enhancements for the Characteristics 365 Guides, the function with which employers can make detailed, 3D diagrams to walk staff members through jobs. The latest function is annotation (Figure A), which lets users pin notes or illustrations anywhere in the field of view, not just connect them to a particular physical surface.

Figure A

Users pinning notes anywhere in the field of view, not just attach them to a specific physical surface. Image: Microsoft Porsche dealer specialists utilize the brand-new annotations feature for Characteristics 365 Guides on HoloLens 2. The headset can show training material on the appropriate part of the automobile or offer a hands-free call with an expert. Image: Microsoft

In addition, HoloLens 2 now includes an improved security setting called Restricted Mode, and it’s especially helpful for companies working with confidential or extremely protected data. Limited Mode gives companies more control over how and when to share their mixed-reality apps.

Another Dynamics 365 Guides update, which is different from the Windows 11 rollout, targets industries such as manufacturing that usage Great Practice procedures. New guidance on Characteristics 365 Guides for compliance, quality assurance, risk management and paperwork will help makers and other extremely regulated industries tailor HoloLens 2 to their use cases while remaining within GxP requirements. This update is expected to go live no later than the end of June.

How business use HoloLens 2

Microsoft explained that a person of its success stories with HoloLens originates from Porsche, which clothing service technicians in vehicle dealerships with the headsets to link to remote repair specialists or to train on the task. Other areas in which blended truth headsets can be useful for enterprise consist of engineering, manufacturing, construction and education.

The state of blended reality for business

The mixed-reality headset market for enterprise appears to be both an unpredictable space and one in which tech giants continue to attempt to contend for the gadget that will actually end up being common. Google announced that since March 15, 2023, it would no longer offer Glass Business Edition, the last remaining version of the company’s effort at a wearable for work.

Other rivals may emerge as Apple and Meta try to make a much better mixed-reality headset. Apple prepares to reveal its entry in June, according to a Bloomberg report. Smaller sized business Magic Leap is making waves in this space with its own headset for enterprise. Microsoft may be undecided on whether HoloLens 2 will have a follower, according to The Brink.


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