Microsoft reveals security and security tools for generative AI


Microsoft is adding safety and security tools to Azure AI Studio, the business’s cloud-based toolkit for constructing generative AI applications. The new tools consist of defense versus prompt injection attacks, detection of hallucinations in model output, system messages to steer models towards safe output, design safety assessments, and risk and security monitoring.Microsoft announced the new

features on March 28. Safety assessments are now readily available in sneak peek in Azure AI Studio. The other functions are coming quickly, Microsoft stated. Azure AI Studio, likewise in sneak peek, can be accessed from Prompt guards will detect and obstruct injection attacks

and include a brand-new design to recognize indirect prompt attacks before they affect the design. This feature is currently offered in sneak peek in Azure AI Content Security. Groundness detection is developed to recognize text-based hallucinations, including small inaccuracies, in model outputs. This function finds”ungrounded product “in text to support the quality of LLM outputs, Microsoft said.Safety system messages, likewise referred to as metaprompts, guide a model’s habits toward safe and responsible outputs.

Security assessments evaluate an application’s ability to jailbreak attacks and to generating content dangers. In addition to design quality metrics, they supply metrics related to content and security risks.Finally, danger and safety tracking assists users understand what model inputs, outputs, and users are activating material filters to notify mitigation. This function is presently offered in sneak peek in Azure OpenAI Service. Copyright © 2024 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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