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Laptop showing Microsoft Teams logo. Image: monticellllo/Adobe Stock Given that Microsoft created one of the only Electron-based apps where users do not grumble about efficiency– Visual Studio Code– it’s constantly been irritating that the Teams customer has actually been so slow and resource starving. What Microsoft is hailing as a “new age” of Teams is a new variation of the Groups app rebuilt not to utilize Electron.

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When and where you can use the brand-new Microsoft Teams app

Microsoft prepares to have the brand-new Groups app usually offered later in 2023, most likely in June. In the meantime, the new Groups app is just offered for Windows 10 and 11, not on Macs or in the web customer, which is the only choice for Linux users. Likewise, IT admins will need to make it possible for the alternative for users to switch to the brand-new app since there are a number of Teams features that aren’t yet readily available in the new Teams client.

New Microsoft Teams app’s UI

The new Teams app has a slightly various interface. Apart from the Windows 11 appearance (using Mica) and a dark mode that follows your OS setting, the most obvious modification in the Teams app may be that brand-new posts in a chat or channel now appear at the top of the screen rather than the bottom. Threaded replies might also make things clearer, and when you read through a long discussion, messages and replies will now just scroll instead of packing 10 at a time.

Sign into numerous work accounts with the brand-new Groups app

This Microsoft app includes one of the most-requested functions: You can lastly sign in with several Groups accounts– not just your individual account however org accounts or any various occupants you belong to– without needing to have a various web internet browser for each of them, or utilize Microsoft Edge to pin multiple copies of the Groups app for the different tenants. Clicking your profile image at the top of the window lets you add another work account; when you do, Groups will reveal you notices from all your accounts. If you’re a visitor user in another company like a supplier or a consumer, that account will appear in Groups automatically.

You can add multiple work accounts to Teams and set your profile for each of them. You can add numerous work accounts to Teams and set your profile for each of them. Image: Microsoft. You can set your status in a different way for each account, and you can change to another account to inspect something or send out a message without leaving of a meeting or needing to hang up the call you’re on. Color code different accounts to help you area which one you’re using so you don’t lose track of what you With multiple accounts, you can use the list of notifications to see where people are mentioning you.can go over where. With multiple accounts, you can use the list of notices to see where individuals are discussing you. Image: Microsoft In general, I found this works well and saves a great deal of time, but Teams might not always sign you in with the account you expect, or the ideal represent your next meeting, so watch on it. New Microsoft Teams notifications might be confusing Another huge modification: Microsoft Teams no longer

sends its own toast alerts however instead utilizes Windows

notices, so users will have to make it possible for those to get pop-up reminders about meetings or to see inbound calls. Windows can’t stack numerous notices for contact screen, so you will need to look at the action center– and you might want to increase the number of notifications you see there from the default 3 to the optimum 20 allowed and increase the top priority of Groups. Not being able to stack notifications means if there’s a pop-up notification for a conference that you haven’t dismissed, you will not see

the notification for an inbound call up until you dismiss or accept that conference invitation– the call notice will remain in the action center, and if the caller is still waiting when you close the other toast, you’ll see the call request. This will probably take some getting used to, and it will be simple to miss out on some calls until you do. When I left this Teams conference request alert open onscreen, it stopped me from seeing the notice for an inbound call. Image: Mary Branscombe By default, Microsoft stated that Groups alerts won’t break through Focus and Do Not Disturb mode, but we discovered it did on a minimum of one system where we had not configured it to

. Users may or may not see a demand from Microsoft Teams to enable alerts in Windows for this. If you’re sharing your screen in Microsoft Teams and have actually muted notices, they will still pop up, which may reveal something you do not want people in the meeting to see. The workaround is to share a window rather

than your entire desktop or usage PowerPoint Live rather than simply opening PowerPoint to reveal your slides. Silencing notifications for a conference chat does not constantly work at the moment either. What works in the brand-new Microsoft Teams app Activity feed. Chat. Calls, consisting of Teams-to-Teams calls, however not calls to or from phone numbers. You have to switch on notifications in Windows to receive inbound calls. Meetings, with alerts that a meeting will start as long as you’ve switched on Windows notifications, plus

will likewise indicate your laptop battery lasts longer. Much of that comes from changes to how Groups is architected: moving information processing out of the primary thread– where it can disrupt what you’re seeing and doing on screen– and moving from Electron to WebView2, which uses the variation of the Chromium internet browser engine you currently have actually installed in Windows as part of Edge. The video in online meetings needs less CPU power, which indicates advanced functions like the 7 × 7 video grid and the Dynamic View options for moving and resizing essential conference material will be available on PCs with less effective GPUs. The brand-new Groups architecture utilizes WebView2 and is designed for much better efficiency. Image: Microsoft This is based on the work Microsoft did in constructing the customer variation of Teams, which didn’t require as many functions and didn’t need to be restored. After evaluating that for individual Groups users, Microsoft began adding the essential business functions, although the preview is introducing with just some of those in location. The Microsoft

Teams app is now packaged utilizing MSIX, so you can handle setup to brand-new users with Intune. With the variety of missing out on features, the brand-new Groups app deserves its sneak peek tab and may not be useful for the majority of users as their primary Teams customer, but I’m already impressed with the enhanced efficiency and battery life, so it’s worth putting in the time to allow the sneak peek in preparation for it reaching Targeted Release in mid-April 2023 and preparing to support users who are trying it out themselves. Read next: Microsoft Teams is a small business tool,

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