Microsoft to obtain Fungible for enhancing Azure networking, storage


Microsoft on Monday said it is getting composable infrastructure companies Fungible for an undisclosed quantity in an effort to enhance its Azure networking and storage services.Microsoft’s Fungible acquisition is aimed at accelerating networking and storage performance in datacenters with high-efficiency, low-power data processing units( DPUs), Girish Bablani, business vice president, Azure Core, composed in a blog post. Data processing units or DPUs are a developed format of smartNIC that are utilized to unload server CPU responsibilities onto a different gadget to free up server cycles, comparable to hardware accelerators such as graphics processing units (GPUs) and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA).

Hyperscalers such as Microsoft, AWS and Google claim that using DPUs or smartNIC can enhance performance and bring down expenses in the long run.

“Fungible’s innovations help make it possible for high-performance, scalable, disaggregated, scaled-out information center infrastructure with dependability and security,” Bablani wrote. He stated the acquisition will further Microsoft’s cause to enhance latency, increase information center capacity, optimize energy and other expenses across its information center infrastructure.Under the regards to the acquisition, the Fungible team will join Microsoft’s information center infrastructure engineering groups, the blog post read. The team will concentrate on delivering

several DPU options, network development and hardware systems improvements, Bablani wrote.Santa Clara-headquartered Fungible takes on much bigger chipmakers such as Nvidia, Intel, Broadcom and AMD in the extremely competitive DPU or smartNIC classification. AWS and Alibaba have already developed and utilize their own DPUs.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Fungible could intensify the battle in the category as the likes of Nvidia and AMD may find it even more difficult to sell their hardware. Fungible, which was established in 2016 by Pradeep Sindhu and Bertrand Serlet, has close to 250

workers and has raised about $300 million to date from investors including SoftBank Vision Fund, Battery Ventures, and Mayfield Fund. Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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