Midjourney vs. Dall-E 2: AI Image Generators Contrast


Whether you are an artist, a designer or merely curious about the advancement of AI, continued reading to discover the distinctions and capabilities of these two cutting-edge AI image generators– Midjourney vs. Dall-E 2.

One exceptional development in AI has actually been the advancement of practical AI image generators. These tools can generate hyper-realistic images from text descriptions, enabling you to produce images based on your creativity.

Midjourney and Dall-E 2 are some of the best AI image generators. Midjourney uses generative adversarial networks and the diffusion method to produce realistic images via Discord’s user interface. On the other hand, Dall-E 2 is an AI tool created by OpenAI that allows you to develop realistic images from natural language text prompts.

In this comparison, we will delve into the functions and efficiency of Midjourney and Dall-E 2, exploring their strengths and weak points to assist you figure out which AI art generator is best for you.

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Midjourney vs. Dall-E 2: Comparison table

Functions Midjourney Dall-E 2
Text-to-image generation Yes Yes
Supported resolution Resolution formats as much as 4096×4096 1024×1024, 512×512 and 256×256 resolutions
Triggering generation Discord DALL-E 2
Creativity High level of image manipulation Less controls to change created image
Image upscaling High end images up to 16x bigger No
Free plan No No
Discount rate 20% discount on the Yearly plan No
Starting cost (Month-to-month) $10 each month $0.016 per image

Midjourney and Dall-E 2 pricing

Midjourney and Dall-E 2 offer a vast array of pricing options. With Midjorney, you can purchase a month-to-month or annual payment license. On the other hand, Dall-E 2 uses a pay-as-you-use strategy by charging per image produced, or you may pick to purchase credits that allow you to create images approximately a specific limitation.

Note that neither Midjourney nor Dall-E 2 deal complimentary variations or trials. You will need to buy a subscription to access their services.

Midjourney pricing

A significant consider rates for Midjourney is the GPU. The GPU determines how quick your image is produced. In Midjourney, images are produced based upon a queue system. When you pay for greater plans, you get access to much faster GPU, more tasks and a waiting line to process your request.

The pricing plans for Midjourney are broken down into four, each with a series of features and accessibility. All the strategies below allow you to buy extra GPU time at $4 per hour:

  • Basic: $10 monthly or $96 annually.
  • Requirement: $30 monthly or $288 each year.
  • Pro plan: $60 each month or $576 annually.
  • Mega strategy: $120 each month or $1,152 each year.

Dall-E 2 pricing

Dall-E 2 prices structure is various from that of Midjourney. With Dall-E 2, you utilize credit to create images. Dall-E 2 provides 115 credits for $15, with limit buyable credit from the Dall-E 2 page capped at 11,500 credits costing $1,500. Credits are more charged based on the image resolution:

  • 1024 × 1024 resolution costs $0.020 per image.
  • 512 × 512 resolution costs $0.018 per image.
  • 256 × 256 resolution expenses $0.016 per image.

Function contrast: Midjourney vs. Dall-E 2

Easy of use

Compared to Midjourney, Dall-E 2 has a much easier user interface and onboarding. The user just signs up for an OpenAI account and gets access to the Dall-E 2 timely interface, where they can enter their prompt and produce an image (Figure A).

Figure A

Screenshot of Dall-E 2 text prompt interface. Dall-E 2 text timely user interface. Image: Aminu Abdullahi/TechRepublic Midjourney onboarding is a bit tricky. You will be required to register using a Discord account, which provides you access to a newbie space where you can drop your image generation prompts in the general public area (Figure B). Compared to Dall-E 2, the Midjourney prompt user interface is not intuitive enough for brand-new users to figure out how to produce images quickly. You need to utilize the/ imagine command on the Midjourney discord server to produce an image. Images are likewise produced based on queues in the public space; low-tier plan users might experience some delay before getting an output.

Figure B

Screenshot of Midjourney's getting started channel for new users on Discord. Midjourney’s beginning channel for new users on Discord. Image: Aminu Abdullahi/TechRepublic Wide resolution Produced images can only be in among three sizes when utilizing Dall-E 2: 256 × 256, 512 × 512 and the greatest resolution of 1024 × 1024 pixels. Likewise, the price per resolution varies. Midjounrey, on the other hand, provides a broad choice of resolutions and the prices per various resolution is the very same.

Midjourney’s default resolution is 1024 × 1024 pixels. However Midjourney’s upscale tool can increase the file size to 2048 x 2048 or 4096 x 4096 pixels, which is three times higher than the Dall-E 2 resolution. This permits higher information and clearness in the generated images.

Sensible outcome

Midjourney and Dall-E 2 both create intriguing outcomes. With Dall-E 2, the prompt requirements to be well-described to get a more sensible image (Figure C). But when comparing the creativity of both tools side-by-side, it can be kept in mind that Midjourney does more imaginative image generation when offered the same timely as Dall-E 2.

Figure C

Image of a business meeting with Boss, HR, and 3 employees. Promt: an organization meeting with Boss, HR, and 3 employees, round table conference, expert, 8k ultra high quality, reasonable, comprehensive, clear lines– ar 4:5– v 5– q 2– s 750. Image: Avinash through Prompt Engineering Institute

Use cases

Text-to-image generation is a fundamental function of both tools. Like every other product that has a particular use case, we could break down the very best usage cases for both Midjourney and Dall-E 2 into where they produce the very best results.

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Midjourney gets the job done much better when it comes to creating innovative illustrations, idea art and fan art (Figure D). Upscaling low-resolution images can likewise be attained with Midjourney to provide a much better result.

Figure D

Picture of MidJourney generated award-winning

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