MinIO Industry-Leading Multi-Cloud Object Storage Delivers Superior Intel Optimized Performance for Customers


MinIO Inc., creators of the MinIO Multi-Cloud Things Storage suite, recently announced a much deeper strategic partnership with Intelto provide superior performance throughout mission important work, creating enhanced facilities alternatives for customers.MinIO is a high-performance, Kubernetes-native, S3-compatible object shop. It is optimized for 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors at a granular level, including integrated Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel AVX-512)single direction multiple data(SIMD)acceleration abilities. The enhanced efficiency attributes have made MinIO a leading things shop for artificial intelligence frameworks, analytics applications, databases, web applications and other performance-oriented workloads. MinIO’s architecture is renowned for its simplicity and scales from terabytes to exabytes easily.”Intel has been a tactical partner of MinIO because the inception of the company. We continue to expand the partnership and team up on R&D, benchmarking and client success opportunities. We share an innovation vision that is notified by artificial intelligence, is multi-cloud, containerized, orchestrated and significantly edge oriented, “said Garima Kapoor, co-founder and COO of MinIO.” Our collaborate continues to press the borders of innovation and our continued optimization on Intel platforms have resulted in record-setting performance benchmarks.” “Every business today is a data business, and every business today requires mature multi-cloud experiences. Intel sees this throughout our portfolio, and is excited to work with MinIO to deal with the need in this environment, “said Arijit Bandyopadhyay, CTO -Business Analytics & AI, Head of Strategy-Business & Cloud Group at Intel Corporation.”We’re bullish about our partnership with MinIO because performance at scale is critical for AI and Augmented Analytics workloads. MinIO, with its software-defined, high performant S3 object storage optimized for 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, assists business conquer challenges of large primary storage across a series of use cases from Kubernetes-powered cloud applications to AI/ML/advanced analytics work.”Intel Architecture is Constantly Boosted for AI Applications In addition, MinIO belongs to the Intel Disruptor Initiative, where Intel teams up with select cutting-edge innovation ISVs and start-ups to speed upthe adoption of modern-day architectures on Intel platforms for Information, Augmented Analytics, and AI-infused workloads to propel consumer success.The world’s information centers operate on Intel platforms for their impressive performance, security, scalable storage, and memory.

Given that its launch in July 2017, Intel Xeon Scalable processors with integrated accelerators and hardware-enhanced security are ushering in a golden age of software-defined storage where sophisticated features such as erasure coding, hashing, encryption, and bitrot defense are enhanced by benefits such as Intel AVX-512 SIMD instruction sets and Intel DL Boost technology. And getting rid of calculate throughput bottlenecks makes it possible for companies to utilize the same business systems for machine learning, deep learning, and conventional enterprise workloads.To discover more about MinIO’s and Intel’s collaborate go to!.?.!.Please contact Lakshman Chari for further conversations [email protected]!.?.!Helpful Hyperlinks About MinIO is pioneering high efficiency, Kubernetes-native item storage for the multi-cloud. The software-defined, Amazon S3-compatible object storage system is utilized by majority of the Fortune 500. With 950M+Docker pulls, MinIO is the fastest-growingcloud

item storage company and is regularly ranked by industryexperts as a leader in object storage. Founded in 2014, the business is backed by Intel Capital, Softbank Vision Fund 2, Dell Technologies Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, General Driver and crucial angel investors. Copyright © 2022 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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