ngrok reveals API gateway-as-a-service


Ngrok, provider of an ingress service that delivers traffic from designer platforms to the internet, has unveiled an API gateway-as-a-service, which is now readily available in an early access designer preview.

Ngrok’s API gateway enables designers to use the worldwide ngrok network as an API gateway-as-a-service. Revealed February 15, the API gateway uses abilities such as JWT (JSON Web Token) authentication and authorization, global rate restricting, flexible request/response control, and fine-grained traffic routing, powered by a brand-new policy engine and ngrok’s worldwide network for production API traffic.In elaborating on its reasoning behind the API gateway-as-a-service, ngrok stated the process of delvering APIs is laden with difficulties, consisting of developers relying on operations teams to release and provide APIs to production, hence delaying launches. Developers frequently lack control over API entrances, leading to damaged contracts between API services and traffic management policies.The API gateway addresses these difficulties with a developer-centric approach to API delivery, offering much faster shipment and decreased threat, the business said. Copyright © 2024 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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