OpenAI reveals OpenAI library for.NET


Microsoft is declaring the arrival of a main OpenAI library for.NET developers. The OpenAI library supports the complete OpenAI API and OpenAI’s latest flagship model, GPT-4o, which can reason throughout audio, vision, and text in real time.Announced June 6

and available now in a very first beta, the OpenAI.NET API library is accessible from NuGet. Arising from Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI, the OpenAI.NET API library provides sync and async access to the OpenAI REST API from.NET applications. It supports capabilities consisting of Assistants v2, for constructing AI assistants within applications, and Chat Completions, for taking a list of messages as input and returninga model message. The library consists of extensibility that enables the community to construct libraries on the top and access to streaming completions by means of IAsyncEnumerable. The OpenAI.NET API library is supported on GitHub and will be kept up to date with the latest features from OpenAI, Microsoft stated. Work will continue in coming months to gather feedback, enhance the library, and use a stable NuGet plan.

The OpenAI.NET API library works with.NET Requirement 2.0 applications. Nevertheless, some code examples in the OpenAI.NET API library file may depend on newer language functions. Developers will require an API key to call the OpenAI REST API.Microsoft last month announced investments to expand the AI ecosystem for.NET designers. AI attention included end-to-end scenarios for developing AI-enabled applications, embracing the AI ecosystem, and integration with cloud services. Copyright © 2024 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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