Oracle broadens accessibility of Java 8 efficiency pack


< img src=",70"alt=""> Oracle’s Java 8 Enterprise Performance Load, a drop-in replacement for JDK 8 that promises to bring Java 17 efficiency to Java 8 work, is being provided on public download pages on, the business announced on April 18. Formerly, the bundle was offered only through My Oracle Assistance for existing customers.Production use of the Java 8 Enterprise Performance Pack needs either a paid Java SE membership or to be running on Oracle Cloud. However use of it is complimentary for development, testing, prototyping on Oracle Cloud Facilities, and personal use. It is available for download under the Java SE

OTN license. A drop-in replacement for Java 8 work on Linux servers, Java 8 Business Efficiency Pack was introduced by Oracle in October 2022 to bring better efficiency to tradition Java 8 server work. Substantial increases in performance and memory management were looked for, with Java 8 users able to utilize enhancements gave Java considering that Java 8 initially arrived in March 2014. Users of the Java 8 Business Performance Pack have actually reported an approximate 20%efficiency boost without code or configuration changes, and even higher enhancements with basic configuration updates, according to Oracle. Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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