Part 2: Campus & Branch Network Implementation Versatility? We got you covered


Part 2 of the 2-part series– Campus and Branch Network Management Platforms In my last blog, Campus & Branch Network Implementation Flexibility, Part 1, I highlighted digital change trends and a few of

the driving forces behind the IT landscape shift we are seeing today, such as: Network complexity The growing variety of gadgets and users Increasing cybersecurity dangers IoT adoption Hybrid work spaces Cloud migration These trends affect

  • the method customers approach
  • network style, release, and management
  • . Cisco has on-premises and cloud implementation options that assist
  • you streamline network operations while decreasing your IT

costs. Cisco on-premises implementation options For on-premises implementations, covered in part 1, Cisco provides two tastes of network management platforms to increase presence into campus or branch networks from a single pane of glass:

Cisco DNA Center physical appliance offers you the capability to release a physical appliance to handle wired and cordless networks Cisco DNA Center virtual home appliance for ESXi release for on-premises release flexibility if you have a virtual-first, on-premises strategy. Cisco cloud implementation alternatives Why cloud? In part 1 of this blog site, I shared the fact that a lot of applications are transferring to the cloud

  • , and numerous consumers are welcoming the industry’s cloud-first strategy. In this blog part 2, I’ll focus on Cisco’s cloud release alternatives, specifically cloud-based management

    platforms for campus and branch networks

    that can help you remainingenious while moving to a hybrid cloud world. With cloud-based implementation options, you can now take on the obstacles of hybrid work and more dispersed network environments with simplified network management. You can assist attend to the most challenging business usage cases in a basic, cloud-native way with the goal of improving operational effectiveness, minimizing infrastructure complexity, and enhancing network security. Figure 1. Cisco On-premise & Cloud Management Platforms Options For cloud release flexibility, Cisco offers two network management platform services: Cisco DNA Center virtual appliance for Amazon Web Solutions

    Cisco On-premise & Cloud Management Platforms Options(AWS)Cloud Monitoring/Management for Driver Cisco DNA Center virtual device for Amazon Web Service (AWS)At Cisco Live in Las Vegas in June 2022, Cisco revealed the upcoming

    • Cisco DNA Center virtual home appliance. For cloud-based implementations, the Cisco
    • DNA Center virtual device operates on AWS. This

    deployment is not a SaaS option; the virtual device is released in

    the client’s virtual personal cloud( VPC)environment, where all services are handled by the customer.The release process takes less than an hour from start to finish. Cisco DNA Center virtual device offerings in cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are planned. Our developers’team has actually striven to embed flexibility for end users deploying the virtual home appliance of the Cisco DNA Center on AWS. Releases can use a launchpad to automate the setup or a manual mode if the end-user already has a custom-made AWS environment. Since this short article, the Cisco DNA Center Virtual Appliance for AWS is currently in the early field trial stage. Connect to your Cisco group for more details on how to get going. Consumers who may choose the Cisco DNA Center virtual device for AWS Clients who have a cloud-first technique Consumers who currently leverage cloud applications such as AWS Customers who are competent in cloud design and deployments Figure 2. Cisco DNA Center appliance physical & virtual home appliances Cloud monitoring/management for Cisco Driver products in the Meraki dashboard Cloud tracking for Driver

  • Cisco DNA Center appliance physical & virtual appliancesAnother Driver statement that was made at Cisco Live in Las Vegas in June 2022

    was that consumers who currently have Catalyst 9000 series switches can now onboard them into the Meraki control panel to gain exposure, troubleshoot, and make the most of the single pane of glass with a merged cloud-based view. This feature is called cloud monitoring for Cisco Catalyst switches. This is yet another breakthrough development to provide our customers with options to welcome hybrid cloud solutions. Cloud tracking for Cisco Catalyst changes enables existing and new Cisco Catalyst clients to onboard and keep an eye on Cisco Driver 9000 series switches utilizing the Meraki control panel. In the Meraki control panel, consumers can view Cisco Catalyst switch data, setup, and troubleshooting abilities, and monitor the infrastructure in one location. For the moment, the Meraki dashboard has read-only access to the switches, which

    implies that setup management and changes still must be done using other tools. The switch IOS XE includes such as CLI gain access to are still supported and available. As of this writing, the following platforms can be monitored in the Meraki control panel. The minimum suggested Cisco IOS XE variation is 17.3.1 and later: Driver 9200 series switches( consisting of 9200L models)Driver 9300 series

    switches (including 9300L and 9300X models)Catalyst 9500 series switches Monitoring for the remaining platforms such as modular switches in addition to IOS XE cordless platforms is on the roadmap. Cloud management for Catalyst Today we support cloud management of Cisco Wi-Fi 6E Gain Access To Points(APs )by means of dual management mode. You can manage Cisco Driver 9160 series APs with either Cisco DNA Center or Meraki. Cisco Catalyst 9162,

    • 9164, and 9166 Gain access to Points support a Cisco DNA mode that enables management through Cisco DNA Center or a Meraki mode that permits management through the Meraki control panel like any other Meraki MR Gain Access To Point. The cloud management for Driver switches function, which will enable complete control and configuration changes of

      Cisco driver switches, is coming soon. With this function, Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches will be compatible with Meraki MS switches from function parity and performances in the Meraki dashboard. Consumers will be able to make configuration changes on Cisco Driver changes as they do with Meraki MS switches. Cisco DNA management mode applies to Driver Wi-Fi 6E Gain Access To Points with Cisco DNA Software for Wireless licenses and Cisco DNA includes. Meraki management mode applies to Catalyst Wi-Fi 6E Access Points using a Meraki license with Meraki features. Table 1: A table summing up the availability of different management platforms Advantages of Meraki cloud monitoring/management deployments Centralized tracking of Driver and Meraki devices Unified topology view of network gadgets and network device status In-dashboard notifies for switch or port concerns Port-level packet and mistake counters Remote troubleshooting and diagnostics tools Having the capability to select either Cisco DNA Center or

    • Meraki dashboard as a management platform Customers who might prefer the Meraki cloud monitoring/management release alternative Clients who already have Meraki platforms; upon refresh, they can choose to adapt Catalyst switches into their existing infrastructure. Customers who are running a hybrid network of Meraki and Catalyst: advantage by moving Driver hardware into view

      on the Meraki dashboard with monitoring. Catalyst clients not

      • utilizing Cisco DNA Center as the operational platform: gain immediate value with cloud tracking, supplying a view of your network from anywhere
      • , anytime, offering you an easy way to experience Meraki
      • control panel. Consumers who have a cloud-first method Consumers with branch topology without central connection(WAN) Consumers with non-IT Catalyst applications such as clever buildings and power over ethernet(

      PoE)applications The following short articles compile whatever you need to understand about cloud/management

      • tracking for Cisco Driver products to assist you get started today: In this post, you learned about cloud-based options we have readily available for campus and branch network management: Cisco DNA Center Virtual Home Appliance for AWS Cloud tracking and management for Driver products using the Meraki dashboard You had the ability to learn about Cisco DNA Center for AWS release, and how this makes it possible for clients to scale and utilize their existing cloud environments to continue to boost their network operations while lessening expenses. You likewise learnt more about cloud monitoring and cloud
      • management for Catalyst gadgets to assist customers who
      • are adopting a cloud-first strategy to have a single pane of glass for
      • their network operations. Sign up with the professionals from the Cisco DNA Center company entity team for an Additional Resources: Release choices expand with Cisco DNA Center virtual device Meraki: Getting started with cloud monitoring for Catalyst quick start guide Meraki: Cloud monitoring overview and frequently asked question Witches and Switches: A New Period of Trick-or-Treating Cisco DNA Center virtual device for AWS FAQs Share: Source

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