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Are you learning the R shows language? Do you wish to find out how to do more tasks with R? Have a look at our Do More With R tutorials below– lots of with videos much shorter than 10 minutes.In the table

below, you can quickly search all the tutorials by task, basic subject, and particular R packages.Available categories: big information, collaboration, dataviz, data analysis, information export, information import, data wrangling, ggplot, GIS, Microsoft, programs, RStudio, and vscode.Some examples: ggplot and other R data visualizations Do you require to make fixed plots with R? Interactive charts? Animations? Browse below for terms such as ggplot, dataviz, and color. You’ll get results such as Add color to ggplot2 visualization with the ggtext plan, How to produce interactive visualizations and linked interactive graphics with ggiraph and How to use built-in R colors and external schemes If you’re working with geospatial tools, there are several tutorials on GIS with R consisting of Remarkably simple mapping with the mapview plan. Microsoft See how to get more out of Microsoft Workplace by

pairing it with R, including how to generate PowerPoint slides from R, send Outlook email from R, or develop Word files from Ror Python with Quarto.

Data wrangling Find out how to merge data in R 3 methods: base R, dplyr, and data.table and always remember syntax to pivot broader and pivot longer. If you’re a tidyverse user, there’s plenty here on tidyr and dplyr. And if you’re trying to find new ways to enhance data wrangling and analysis efficiency, have a look at Introduction to the data.table plan, the ultimate R data.table cheat sheet, and other data.table tutorials.There are plenty more R tutorials in the table below. Search Do More With Rby job, bundle, or classification Task Category Packages/Software Develop Word files with R programming, Microsoft quarto, Microsoft Word 12 ggplot extensions worth understanding dataviz, ggplot ggplot2, ggpackets, ggblankets, ggeasy, gghighlight, ggthemes, ggsci, hrbrthemes, ggtext, ggdist, plotly, ggiraph, ggstatsplot, esquisse, patchwork, cowplot, ggforce Much easier ggplot with ggcharts dataviz, ggplot ggcharts, ggplot2, ggeasy,

esquisse Produce PowerPoint files straight from R -or HTML slide presentations dataviz, information export rmarkdown, xaringan, Microsoft 365, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Astonishingly simple mapping with mapview GIS, dataviz, data analysis mapview Connect R with Outlook email and Teams collaboration shows, Microsoft Microsoft365R, Microsoft 365, Outlook, Teams, Microsoft Office Remember tidyr pivot_wider and pivot_longer information wrangling tidyr, RStudio Create racing bar charts dataviz ddplot Develop interactive visualizations and linked interactive graphics dataviz ggiraph, albersusa Write and run R code in Microsoft Visual Studio Code programming, vscode, Microsoft Visual

Studio Code, VSCode How to utilize R with Google BigQuery data import, huge data bigrquery, BigQuery Utilize the new R 4.1 pipeline; run R 4.1

in Docker shows base

R Usage integrated R colors and external schemes dataviz rcolorutils, scales, tmaptools , paletteer, paletti Send out email with blastula programs blastula Install and

run Python with Rstudio shows reticulate, python Create interactive plots and graphs dataviz echarts4r Mistake check when iterating programs purrr Add text labels to your

ggplot2 charts dataviz ggplot2, ggrepel

Produce an election map in R color coded by winner and victory margin GIS

, data analysis leaflet The ultimate R data.table cheat sheet-with tidyverse code

too(no video)shows data.table, tidyverse Count and envision information by groups in R programs

, dataviz janitor, vtree, CGPfunctions, ggplot2, dplyr, data.table Create an

interactive drilldown graph dataviz highcharter 5 beneficial fread options and functions you may not understand information import data.table Preview color-matched parentheses, brackets, and braces in RStudio alpha version programming RStudio Run prolonged scripts as RStudio background tasks programs, Rstudio RStudio Produce interactive tableswith expandable rows data display reactable R 4.0 brand-new

functions and running R and Rstudio in a Docker container shows R, RStudio, Docker dplyr

‘s brand-new throughout

function data wrangling dplyr Easier ggplot with ggeasy dataviz, ggplot ggplot2, ggeasy data.table signs and operators, plus brand-new fcase function data wrangling, data analysis data.table Include color to

ggplot2 visualization with the ggtext package dataviz ggplot2, ggtext

Twitter: Search, sort, and filter tweets by hashtag with rtweet and reactable programs rtweet, reactable Send out text messages with R collaboration twilio What’s that ZIP Code? Points in polygons geospatial analysis in R GIS, information analysis sf, tmap, tmaptools Combine information in R 3 ways: base R, dplyr, and data.table information wrangling dplyr, data.table, dtplyr Get data.table speed with dplyr syntax utilizing dtplyr shows dtplyr, dplyr, data.table Intro to data.table information wrangling, data analysis data.table Export information from R to Excel with Excel format or multiple sheets data export openxlsx, rio, Microsoft Office, Excel, Microsoft 365 Import API data

with httr shows httr Use git and GitHub with R programs usethis, Rstudio Write your own ggplot2 functions programs rlang , ggplot2 Group and sum up with data.table

and.SD programming data.table Compute

month-over-month comparisons

programming dplyr Send Slack messages with R partnership slackr Send out email with R and Gmail

cooperation gmailr Boost R Markdown interactivity data show markdown, glossy Customize ggplot with bbplot dataviz bbplot, ggplot2 Improve data with tidyr’s brand-new pivot functions information wrangling tidyr Compose your own

R plan shows devtools

, usethis, roxygen2 Run Python in R code shows reticulate , python Compose your own RStudio addins shows Rstudio Produce color-coded calendars dataviz ggcal, ggplot2 Save time with Rstudio addins and keyboard faster ways programs Rstudio Create lookup tables with called vectors programs base R Keep passwords and tokens protected security, shows keyring

Add sparklines to HTML tables dataviz DT, sparkline Make a quick interactive table data display DT Drag-and-drop

ggplot dataviz esquisse, ggplot2 Improve information with tidyr information wrangling tidyr Schedule

R scripts on a Mac programming cronR

Produce HTML, Word docs and more with R Markdown data display rmarkdown, Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365, Word Access nested list items information wrangling purrr

Develop animations in R dataviz gganimate, ggplot2

Create maps GIS, dataviz sf, tmap, tmaptools, leaflet Iterate without for loops using purrr’s map_df shows

purrr Save time with RStudio

code bits programs Rstudio Develop

control panels dataviz flexdashboard Automated code tests programs, operates testthat Conditional worths with case_when data wrangling dplyr Produce interactive scatter plots with taucharts dataviz taucharts Copyright © 2022 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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