RoboForm Review (2024 ): Security, Pricing, Pros, & Cons


RoboForm quick truths Our rating: 4.3 stars out of 5
Prices: Begins at $1.99 each month
Secret features:

  • AES-256 encryption.Affordable starting premium plan.Has a complimentary variation.
  • Image: RoboForm is a safe and secure password manager that offers no-frills defense to your passwords and other delicate information. It utilizes top-tier file encryption and offers a complimentary version and inexpensive premium plans.

    While it does not have a ton of additional features, RoboForm hits the mark in terms of quality on the fundamentals, such as security, ease-of-use and price.

    1 Dashlane Staff Members per Company Size Micro (0-49), Little (50-249), Medium (250-999

    ), Large(1,000-4,999), Business(5,000+)Micro (0-49 Employees), Little (50-249 Workers), Medium (250-999 Staff Members), Large( 1,000-4,999 Employees ), Business(5,000+Employees)Micro, Small, Medium, Big, Enterprise Characteristics

    Automated Provisioning

    Is RoboForm Password Supervisor free?

    Yes, RoboForm has a totally free version with minimal functions. It provides limitless password storage, data breach scanning and two-factor authentication (2FA).

    While you can save limitless passwords, RoboForm’s free version just offers access to a single gadget. This means that totally free users will have to choose between using RoboForm only on their computer system or smartphone.

    If you want a totally free password manager with unlimited gadget gain access to and the same endless password storage, Bitwarden is one of the best.

    RoboForm Password Manager Prices

    RoboForm divides its pricing into two tiers: Personal & Family and Group & Organization. For its customer plans, we get 3 subscriptions: Free, Premium and Family.

    Here’s a quick breakdown of their function differences:

    Free Premium Household
    $0 $1.99 monthly $3.98 each month
    • Information breach scanning
    • 2FA access
    • RoboForm TOTP authenticator
    • Single gadget gain access to
    • Receive-only Emergency Situation Gain Access To
    • 24/7 email support
    • All Free includes
    • Limitless gadget access
    • Grant-and-Receive Emergency Situation Gain Access To
    • Web access
    • Regional just mode
    • Secure shared folders
    • Concern 24/7 consumer support
    • All Premium includes
    • Covers up to 5 accounts

    Price-wise, RoboForm’s Premium plan at $1.99 per month is very economical. It signs up with Bitwarden’s $0.83 and Zoho Vault’s $0.90 strategy as one of the more affordable memberships amongst other password supervisors.

    Its Family plan is also really sensible at $3.98 per month for five members. That falls in the middle compared to other Household strategies like 1Password’s $4.99 Household membership for 5 users and Enpass’ $2.99 Family plan for 6 members. My personal favorite is Dashlane’s Friends & Household plan for $4.99 per month, which covers to 10 users in one subscription.

    RoboForm’s Organization plans are organized depending on the variety of users you wish to secure and your chosen agreement length.

    Group and Company
    1 year 3 years 5 years
    1-10 users $39.95 per user/per
    $33.95 user/per
    $29.95 per user/per
    11-25 users $35.95 user/per
    $30.95 user/per
    $26.95 user/per
    26-100 users $34.95 user/per
    $29.95 user/per
    $25.95 user/per
    101-1000 users $29.95 user/per
    $25.95 user/per
    $22.95 user/per
    1000+ users Contact RoboForm Contact RoboForm Contact RoboForm

    With the Business strategies, you get centralized management, automated user provisioning, one-click logins and password audit and reporting.

    While I truly appreciate RoboForm providing service users tons of plan choices, they can be pricey for smaller sized organizations. For example, if you’re a company that desires a password supervisor for a group of 10, you’ll need to pay around $33.33 monthly. In comparison, 1Password’s Teams plan that covers the very same 10 users is only $19.95 per month.

    RoboForm’s rates is on the cost effective end for bigger services. If an organization subscribes to its one-year strategy to cover 80 users, that comes out to around $232 per month. Meanwhile, that exact same 80-member organization will need to invest around $319 if they pick NordPass’ 1 year Service subscription.

    Thankfully, RoboForm provides totally free trials for its paid consumer and business plans; there’s a 30-day complimentary trial for Personal & Family, and a 14-day free trial for Group & Service.

    I extremely suggest going for among these trials initially, as they offer you an opportunity to experience RoboForm’s premium features before picking a strategy. Furthermore, no payment or charge card information is required to utilize these complimentary trials.

    Is RoboForm Password Supervisor safe?

    Yes, RoboForm is a safe password manager to use in 2024. It utilizes the gold standard AES-256 file encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256 to protect user data. AES 256 is extensively acknowledged as the best encryption algorithm in the security industry.

    In addition, RoboForm runs on a zero-knowledge architecture. This implies that not even RoboForm has access to user information, as all the decryption takes place in your area and not on their servers. They likewise have no other way of accessing users’ master passwords, which is crucial since the master password is the main key that unlocks your individual vault.

    RoboForm has actually likewise undergone a third-party security audit that favorably verified its security assures. RoboForm’s newest audit was conducted by Secfault Security in 2023, which found that the password supervisor met “an affordable standard of security” with its software application service.

    Key functions of RoboForm Password Manager

    While RoboForm doesn’t featured lots of standout features, it consists of the majority of the standard functionality we want in a modern-day password supervisor.

    Security Center

    RoboForm has its own password health control panel called Security Center that gives you important information on the health of all your credentials. It marks which passwords are weak, reused or compromised, and provides your vault a general grade in regards to security.

    RoboForm's Security Center dashboard. Figure A: RoboForm’s Security Center control panel. Image: Luis Millares I actually like the simplicity of RoboForm’s security center, and I picture this being particularly helpful to people who have tons of passwords and don’t always have the time to examine them all. This is likewise best for users who have a lot of older passwords that might not determine up to today’s password security requirements.


    Users who desire an encrypted note-taking app will be happy to learn that RoboForm features a devoted notes section called Safenotes. Safenotes imitates your normal note-taking app, with the included advantage of being stored in a safe and secure and encrypted vault.

    RoboForm's Safenotes section. Figure B: RoboForm’s Safenotes section. Image: Luis Millares This is ideal for users who desire a secure way to keep ID numbers, PIN codes for their bank ATMs, voucher codes and other delicate information. I personally like how all the notes I saved within Safenotes likewise appear as viewable items in the primary control panel. As somebody who takes a great deal of notes, this is a very practical feature.

    Emergency situation Access

    RoboForm has its own Emergency Gain access to function that lets you designate an emergency situation contact who can access your vault’s contents in case of emergency situation.

    Setting an emergency contact. Figure C: Setting an emergency situation contact. Image: Luis Millares I see Emergency situation Gain access to being useful to people who intend on storing critical details on their password manager vaults, such as insurance details or wills.

    While you need to be a paid user to grant Emergency situation Gain access to, I appreciate that RoboForm still lets Free users end up being recipients of emergency situation gain access to. I believe that’s a reasonable compromise in between paid and totally free users– and makes RoboForm’s Emergency Gain access to function open to basically everyone.

    RoboForm Password Supervisor authentication and security choices

    For multi factor authentication (MFA), RoboForm supports email and SMS authentication. It likewise has TOTP-based MFA or authenticator apps. This is perhaps the minimum number of MFA choices I expect from contemporary password managers.

    If you desire more option in MFA, Keeper is a great choice as it supports hardware-based security keys like YubiKey or Google Titan secrets as second factors.

    In terms of security alternatives, RoboForm includes a few settings. It has an auto-logout toggle that logs you out of your present session after a set duration of inactivity. You can also set it to warn you every time any charge card or savings account information is filled, working as an extra confirmation to be safe.

    Its password generator is very good, providing users the capability to generate a password with as much as 512 characters. You can toggle it to have digits, uppercase and lowercase letters and unique characters. RoboForm’s password generator likewise lets you produce a passphrase with approximately eight words. I appreciate this option considering that passphrases have actually been receiving more attention as the more safe and secure type of password to utilize.

    RoboForm Password Supervisor user interface and performance

    Main RoboForm web interface. Figure D: Main RoboForm web user interface. Image: Luis Millares RoboForm’s user interface(UI )is basic and relatively uncomplicated to use. Its primary app resides on a web portal, however you ought to also download their web browser extension to get autofill and password capture abilities.

    I like RoboForm’s minimalist design and I had no trouble accessing any settings or activating any functions. Everything is set out where I anticipated them to be, and I encountered absolutely no problems throughout my tests for this evaluation.

    Performance-wise, RoboForm was likewise good, as it was able to conserve brand-new account information without a drawback. I also had no problem importing my test passwords to my main vault. In regards to autofill, RoboForm worked well. It had the ability to find what site corresponded to a specific account and fill in the right information.

    RoboForm Password Manager mobile app

    RoboForm has a mobile application for both Android and iOS. During my screening, I downloaded RoboForm on my Google Pixel 6.

    RoboForm mobile app dashboard. Figure E: RoboForm mobile app control panel. Image: Luis Millares I found the mobile experience to be pleasant and a practically one-to-one execution of the complete web app. In fact, the mobile app’s UI feels more refined than RoboForm’s web website– which is excellent news for users who intend on using RoboForm mostly on their phones.

    Finger print login worked flawlessly on RoboForm for Android and all the crucial functions, like Security Center, Safenotes and Emergency situation Gain access to can all be utilized on the mobile counterpart.

    Like the web app, there’s an option for an auto-logout and there’s a toggle to obstruct screenshots while on the RoboForm app– an important feature for any mobile password manager.

    RoboForm Password Supervisor Pros

    • Budget friendly private strategy.
    • Easy and easy to use.
    • Provides a complete product manual for assistance.
    • Encrypted note-taking.
    • Independently-audited.
    • AES-256 encryption.
    • Reasonably-priced for large companies.

    RoboForm Password Supervisor Cons

    • Can be expensive for small companies.
    • Restricted features on the free variation.
    • Does not have distinct functions.

    RoboForm Password Supervisor options

    More cloud security coverage

    If you feel that, after examining, RoboForm isn’t a fit for you, I’ve noted 3 alternatives that might be better options rather.

    Enpass for Android logo.< img src=""

    alt =”Enpass for Android logo.”width= “200”height =”200″/ > Image: Enpass For users looking for an offline password supervisor, take a look at Enpass. Enpass is an offline service that lets users pick where their encrypted passwords are stored. You can store them in your area or utilize a third-party cloud storage service like Google Drive or iCloud instead. This is a great option for people who are stressed over data breaches and wish to take their data storage into their own hands.


    Dashlane logo. Image: Dashlane features both top-tier password file encryption and a well-designed web application. On top of that, it also features a built-in VPN– a feature you will not find in numerous other password supervisors readily available today. Dashlane’s Buddies and Household Strategy is also one of the most cost effective in the market, securing as much as 10 members with one subscription. Bitwarden logo.

    Image: Bitwarden If you’re searching for a long-lasting password supervisor that’s totally free, Bitwarden ought to be your top choice. Not just does it allow endless password storage, however Bitwarden’s free app likewise allows access on an unrestricted variety of gadgets. Bitwarden is also open-source, making it a prime choice for personal privacy and security lovers alike.

    Is RoboForm Password Manager worth it?

    RoboForm is a strong password manager that does all the essentials well. It has strong file encryption, a simple-to-use interface and affordable rates for the majority of its premium subscriptions.

    While it does not have standout features like KeePass’ downloadable plugins or 1Password’s Travel Mode, RoboForm’s Security Center and Emergency Gain access to functions, among other things, still make it a fantastic choice in 2024.

    I likewise think that RoboForm must be a leading option for mobile-focused users, as their mobile app is one of the most polished I’ve checked.

    Evaluation Method

    My evaluation of RoboForm Password Supervisor included an in-depth analysis of its security features and real-world performance. I utilized RoboForm on my personal Windows laptop and Android mobile device by means of their 30-day free trial of their premium strategy.

    To determine RoboForm’s star ranking of 4.3 stars out of 5, I utilized an internal algorithm that ratings brands based upon rates (weighted to 25% of the overall rating), functions (weighted to 35%), ease of usage (weighted to 15%), customer care (weighted to 15%), and my hands-on experience (weighted to 10%).


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