Rust-based WinterJS web server reaches 1.0


WinterJS 1.0, a JavaScript web server composed in Rust, has shown up from WebAssembly runtime company Wasmer. Revealed March 11, WinterJS 1.0 is explained by Wasmer as”the fastest JavaScript web server”and now supports Cloudflare applications and Respond Server Components. The WinterCG-compatible JavaScript runtime utilizes the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine to perform JavaScript and Tokio to handle underlying HTTP demands and the JavaScript occasion loop. WinterCG, which stands for Web-interoperableRuntimesNeighborhood Group, is a W3C community group that offers an area for JavaScript runtimes to team up on API interoperability.WinterJS can be assembled to WebAssembly and is runnable in the Wasmer Edge application release platform. WinterJS, Wasmer said, provides”blazing quickly”speeds, Cloudflare API compatibility, and support for web frameworks such as Next.js. WinterJS 1.0 has the ability to deal with 150,000 demands per 2nd when performed natively, Wasmer said. WinterJS at first was unveiled in October 2023. Copyright © 2024 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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