Spider-Man, the Multiverse, and IPv6


This summer, I saw the new cartoon animation, “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” and it got me thinking of multiverse concept and just how IPv4, IPv6, and even out-of-band networks for telemetry belong to having a collection of worlds that comprise your network. These different dimensions exist whether you realize they are there and engage with them or otherwise. But understanding that there might be one more plane of presence that opponents are targeting you from is type in protecting your enterprise.

IPv6 fostering and misuse rising

IPv6 has been spoken about for 20 years, yet you still might not have actually prepared for it as part of your network monitoring method, and assailants are catching on. The quantity of IPv6 addresses reported by the CrowdSec network that were associated with harmful activity have actually doubled over the last 8 months, leaping from 10% to 20%. This takes place to accompany constant growth in IPv6 fostering and present use, which Google records goes to about 40%.

Like in a multiverse, threat stars are significantly acting upon this IPv6 plane, and you have no presence into it unless you go into that airplane and start to observe. It’s crucial that you start to check out and expand your monitoring capacity to cover not only IPv4 yet likewise IPv6 and added aircrafts.

Actual susceptabilities and hazards

Several versions of Linux and Windows now like IPv6. Past that, embedded variations of Linux prevail in IoT gadgets, and these gadgets have actually multiplied across atmospheres. If you are not engaged keeping that airplane when these IoT tools reach out to your network requesting an IPv6 address, you may not even know. It’s not unusual for companies to have a substantial number of these rogue devices that are generally unmanaged, which produces danger within the company.

IoT devices likewise often tend not to be updated due to the fact that either they are not patchable or the spot is questionable. Threat actors have the possibility and ability to spoof IPv6 addresses and intercept those gadgets, rerouting traffic as they please. Clearly, you can not rely on the tools in your organization, so you need to guarantee that you have consistent DHCP and DNS control across your whole IPv6 network.


Lots of companies have actually attempted to stay clear of IPv6 as long as possible– it’s a huge, steep knowing contour for network engineers. Rather, they rely on network address translation (NAT). Regrettably, NAT comes to be cumbersome in environments where you require wide-scale reachability, like in an MSP environment, a few other management domain, or in a carrier-grade network.

As IPv6 usage continues its unpreventable increase, currently’s the time to admit you have or quickly will have some IPv6 on the network and to involve with the IPv6 aircraft to integrate it into your management strategy.

Recommendations for relocating to IPv6

Beginning with establishing a standard IPv6 DNS, which will help you corral the web traffic. After that, deploy an automation platform that totally supports IPv6 in your administration network that you’ll use for monitoring, observability, and configuration management or automation. These two actions make certain that transmitting via IPv6 is occurring correctly on all your Linux and Windows tools and routers at the network degree.

With a network automation system in place, you currently have the devices to attend to typical and vital …


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