Stratus Technologies release most current variation of ftServer edge systems


Edge server maker Stratus Technologies today revealed that the 12th generation of its ftServer line is now on sale, bringing brand-new hardware upgrades, enhanced resiliency for mission-critical workloads and, in time, support for a wider variety of running systems.The latest ftServers are available in four primary setups. The 6920 platform, designed for rigorous data -and transaction-intensive work in big data centers or similar, is the biggest, while the 6910 is designed to suit smaller facilities. The 4920 and 2920, respectively, downsize size and ability to suit medium-size facilities and remote offices, and running specific applications on shop floors or in commercial plants.The main upgrades, from a hardware perspective, include new Xeon processors that need to assist with high-volume transactional work in addition to AI and IoT, improved SAN bandwidth for more fluid access to central data repositories, and assistance for both copper and fiber optical networking.But the most important aspect of the current ftServers may be software assistance, not hardware. At launch, the platforms will support VMware vSphere, and assistance for RHEL and Windows Server are prepared prior to the end of the year.That type of flexibility is both important for companies operating in a progressively heterogenous computing environment, according to Dave McCarthy, IDC vice president and edge computing analyst.” There is a shift in OT facilities from proprietary systems to ones that are developed on open market requirements that assist in the merging of IT and OT work, “he stated.” This helps reduce expenses for clients while allowing them to faster adopt

brand-new technologies.” Open requirements make it much easier for companies to from another location handle systems operating on edge servers, and that ease of use has noticeable follow-on impacts in terms of performance, McCarthy included. Taking full advantage of uptime, for that reason, is a key possible upside for the ftServer platform.”

Industries with capital-intensive, revenue-generating properties view unexpected downtime as the opponent, “he stated.”For these organizations, an hour of downtime can lead to millions in lost company chance. This is driving demand for server platforms that are highly resistant.”VMware vSphere users can purchase the 12th generation of ftServers now, and Windows Server and RHEL clients should prepare for variants that support their operating systems of choice before completion of the year. A spokesperson for Stratus declined to offer pricing info. Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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