T-Mobile, Xfinity are tops in latest Ookla speed test report


Network intelligence company Ookla’s newest research study reveals that T-Mobile had the fastest mobile network in the United States, which Xfinity edged out numerous competitors for the leading spot among fixed providers in the 4th quarter of 2022, the business announced this week.The typical download speed for T-Mobile customers, Ookla said, reached over 151Mbps, marking a sharp boost from the business’s 116Mbps mark in the previous quarter, which was already good enough to make T-Mobile the fastest mobile carrier by a distance.Verizon and AT&T posted

gains– rising from around 58Mbps in the third quarter to 69Mbps and 65Mbps, respectively– but both were far behind T-Mobile. Taking a look at 5G efficiency particularly, T-Mobile again led the way by a considerable margin, posting a typical 216Mbps download speed, compared to 128Mbps from Verizon and 85Mbps from AT&T. The big three were more firmly packed when it concerns latency, nevertheless. T-Mobile won in this category again, with an average multiserver latency of 56ms, but Verizon was close behind at 58ms, and AT&T posted a 60ms average. Managing for 5G connections just, Verizon actually won the classification for the last quarter, with 53ms average latency compared to T-Mobile’s 54ms.(AT&T hit the 59ms mark.)A comparable situation dominated in regards to consistency, which Ookla determines

as the portion of connections revealing at least 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up. T-Mobile won this category once again, with a score of 86.8%, but Verizon and AT&T were both close behind, at 82.4% and 81.1 %, respectively.In repaired broadband, the landscape was more competitive– Spectrum dropped from very first to second place as Xfinity went up from 3rd to take the top spot, with an average download speed of 226Mbps in the last quarter of the year. The top 3 repaired broadband companies were securely clustered, however, with Spectrum close behind Xfinity at 225Mbps and Cox just a little further back at 212Mbps. Upload speeds were a considerably various story, however, with AT&T far out in front at a typical speed of 142Mbps, tracked distantly by Verizon at

104Mbps. Optimum and Xfinity posted 29Mbps and 20Mbps speeds, respectively, while Spectrum and Cox tracked at 11Mbps and 10Mbps each.Latency-wise, the clear winner was Verizon, which published a typical 15ms figure, with AT&T suffering in second at 23ms. Optimum, Cox and Xfinity all posted scores of 24 or 25ms, with

Spectrum bringing up the rear at 32ms. Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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