The Value of Sending Out Webex To Space


Lately, I had a chance to see the NASA Johnson Space Facility in Houston as a guest of Cisco, to explore the facility and also check out the Callisto innovation demonstration, a joint project in between Lockheed Martin,, and Cisco to put real-time communications right into area. The Orion Spacecraft of the Artemis program was furnished with an Alexa tool and the Webex partnership collection running on an Apple iPad.

Although Orion was unmanned, Callisto was developed to be a technology presentation to see exactly how things would certainly work in a constrained environment. When we make use of Webex for company conferences, we generally have a lot of transmission capacity to transmit video. With Callisto, the Webex group was given just 128K to send information. If it achieved success, in future objectives, Webex could be beneficial to allow astronauts work together with people on Earth through video or shared whiteboarding.

The lessons discovered with Callisto have practical ramifications for everyday life. Webex, and also tools like it, are made use of now for informing students, allowing clients to talk with doctors, and also various other use cases that aid us digitize our lives. While individuals in major metro locations have transmission capacity a lots, high-speed connection continues to be a trouble in backwoods of the United States and several third-world countries. If Cisco would make Webex effective precede, we can make use of comparable innovation to provide even more video clip to even more locations.

A lot more information on my go to can be discovered on this ZK Tour video with Jono Luk from the Webex team.

Zeus Kerravala is the owner and primary expert with ZK Research.

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