The very best open source software of 2022


If you’re a software application developer today– or a cloud engineer, or a data scientist, or anyone who deals with code– then open source software resembles the air that you breathe. But open source wasn’t always so ubiquitous. Twenty or thirty years ago, when “complimentary software application” was simply starting, open source tasks were unusual, and individuals who developed them were normally academics, scientists, or eccentrics. Yet in some way this eccentricity captured on, and today open source software application is, as the saying goes, consuming the world.Open source

software application tasks have actually become the engines of development in practically every corner of computing. Yesterday’s open source developers constructed the tools that constructed the web, and today’s open source designers build on, inventing new and better tools for front-end advancement, back-end advancement, devops, information ops, distributed information processing, data analytics, machine learning … and much, much more.We salute the year’s best of these advanced open source tasks in our 2022 Bossie Awards.


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