Visual Studio Code includes ‘Hey Code’ voice command


Visual Studio Code 1.86, the January 2024 release of Microsoft’s code editor, introduces a voice command, “Hey Code,” that begins a session with Copilot Chat. The new release likewise brings per-window zoom levels.Unveiled February 1, Visual Studio Code 1.86 can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, or Mac at the website. A brand-new accessibility.voice.keywordActivation setting allows Visual Studio Code to listen for the”Hey Code”voice command

to start a voice session with Copilot Chat, providing a chat interface. Microsoft kept in mind that the voice acknowledgment is calculated locally on the user’s device and not sent to any servers. Extensions are required consisting of GitHub Copilot Chat, which supplies AI programming support through a conversational interface, and VS Code Speech, which includes speech-to-text capabilities.With per-window zoom levels, allowed through window.zoom.PerWindow, lets developers configure zoom commands to apply only to the active window and not all open windows. Microsoft thinks utilizing zoom commands will be primarily ad hoc, such as when providing a presentation, so must use only to the window they’re conjured up from.Elsewhere in VS Code 1.86, set off breakpoints can be set that are automatically allowed when another breakpoint is hit. For instance, this can be utilized when detecting failure cases in code that happen after a specific prerequisite. Set off breakpoints work for all languages.VS Code 1.86 follows VS Code 1.85, which showed up in December and featured floating windows. 2 subsequent updates to VS Code 1.85, variations 1.85.1 and 1.85.2, were released with repairs, consisting of updating Electron 25 builds. Other brand-new functions in Visual Studio Code 1.86: The multi-file diff editor now is allowed for all users. It lets users see modifications across multiple files in one scrollable view.

Sticky Scroll has actually been extended to all tree views, enabling simpler navigation of job trees. It is restricted to 40%of view height. Users can paste a URL to instantly develop a Markdown link. And when users paste a URL into a Markdown file with text picked, VS Code now automatically inserts a Markdown link. A new setting, scm.input.MinLineCount, can be used to control the initial height of the dedicate input field. More fine-grained notice is provided for disabling notices coming from extensions. All Vehicle Save settings now can be set up per folderor language, which lets users selectively allow Car Save only for particular languages or folders. A brand-new files.autoSaveWhenNoErrors setting lets Automobile Save be disabled if there are error markers in the file when Auto Save usually would save the editor. Support for the beta variation of the TypeScript 5.4

  • language is being previewed. The Python Debugger extension now is installed by default alongside the Python extension. Copyright © 2024 IDG Communications, Inc. Source
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