Vue structure speeds design template parsing, enhances reactivity


Vue 3.4 has actually been released. The upgrade to the JavaScript front-end structure includes a much faster, rewritten design template parser and a refactored reactivity system.

Announced December 28, 2023, Vue 3.4 promises “considerable internal improvements.” Many significant is the rewritten design template parser, which utilizes a state-machine tokenizer in htmlparser2 that repeats through the whole design template string simply as soon as. The outcome is a parser two times as quick for design templates of all sizes, Vue creator Evan You composed in the post revealing the release. In addition to the parser, SFC construct efficiency has actually been improved.Also featured in Vue

3.4 is a substantial refactor of the reactivity system, with an objective of re-compute efficiency of computed residential or commercial properties. The release also stabilizes defineModel, a brand-new macro meant to simplify the implementation of parts that support the v-model. Other features in Vue.js 3.4 consist of improved hydration mismatch mistake messages, the addition of a production mistake referral page to Vue paperwork, and the removal of deprecated functions such as the worldwide JSX namespace and Reactivity Transform. Vue is billed as a progressive, incrementally versatile JavaScript structure for constructing interface on the internet. Vue 2.0, launched in 2016, reached end of life on December 31, 2023.

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