Web server supply chain undertakes change because of geopolitical risks


Geopolitical tensions among the United States, China, and Taiwan are forcing a remarkable adjustment to server manufacturing, according to Asian market research firm TrendForce, which forecasts that core parts of the web server supply chain will ultimately shift to southeast Asia and the Americas.

According to TrendForce’s research, Taiwan-based original design suppliers (ODM) currently represent about 90% of global server motherboard production. A remarkable exception is Supermicro, which has a 1.5 million square-foot manufacturing facility in Fremont, California. It also has an 800,000 square-foot facility in Taiwan.Ever considering that the beginning of the profession disagreement in between the US and also China beginning in 2018, server ODMs began looking at relocating their production lines from mainland China to Taiwan. After that, as a result of the explosion in construction of information centers throughout the Asia-Pacific area, motherboard manufacturers began considering southeast Oriental countries such as Malaysia and Thailand for capacity expansion.Adding to the motivation to leave China as well as Taiwan was the saber rattling and also increasingly bellicose tone from Beijing to Taiwan, together with fairly severe assents on semiconductor sales from the united state Division of Business. This has actually led some US-based cloud provider, such as Google, AWS, Meta, and Microsoft, to take a look at including web server assembly line outside Taiwan as a preventive action, according to TrendForce.There have been a variety of other actions also.

In the United States, Intel is investing $20 billion on an Arizona fab as well as an additional $20 billion on fabs in Ohio. TSMC is spending$40 billion on fabs in Arizona too, as well as Apple is relocating manufacturing to the US, Mexico, India, as well as Vietnam.TrendForce likewise kept in mind a sensation it calls”fragmentation”as an arising model in the management of the web server supply chain. It utilized to be that web server manufacturing and the assembly procedure were dealt with completely by ODMs. In the future, the assembly task of a server project will be offered to not just an ODM partner yet additionally a system integrator. The rationale behind seeking a system integrator’s assistance is to enhance the security of the supply chain and hedge the danger of a scarcity brought on by a geopolitical dilemma, TrendForce says.Over the long term, TrendForce thinks China’s and Taiwan’s shares of web server assembly line will certainly diminish, and also production lines will certainly be much more geographically distributed as well as more regionalized in terms of operation. This will allow server suppliers to spread out danger as well as fulfill certain regional demands. Copyright © 2022 IDG Communications, Inc. Resource

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