Connect your whole work arsenal with this one center


The CASA HUB Stand supports approximately four USB connections and one HDMI port at once. Image: StackCommerce

Increasingly more people are working from home nowadays, and yet many people still have not shored up their home office needs. There are lots of tools that can help you be as productive as possible while working from house, however among the very best methods to enhance your user experience is with a laptop computer stand that helps with connections to all of your peripherals.

The CASA Center Stand combines a laptop computer stand with a USB-C connection center that supports up to five connections at the same time. The stand has an adjustable 180-degree tilt design to help you discover the ideal setup for your eyes and wrists for the most comfy working experience. That’s particularly convenient if you like to use a cordless keyboard and relax a bit further from your screen. With silicon pads, it has actually an improved grip and scratch security while cooling vents enhance heat dissipation and the aluminum material minimizes electromagnetic interference.

As a connectivity hub, it has 5 ports: 3 USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 ports, one USB-C PD port, and one HDMI port. That enables you to link to a wide range of gadgets, including Mac, iPad, Windows and Chrome OS devices. The stand connects via a nylon braided cable with a 90ยบ L-shaped USB-C port, protecting the life of the gadget by easing cable bending tension.

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